Blue Blanket and Hammermen Plaque Presentation

At the end of July Provost Mike Robbins attended a special event held in the Smith Museum where the new replica Blue Blanket was presented to the Hammermen by the Embroiderers Guild. It is an impressive piece of work that had painstakingly been copied from the 500 year old original held in the Smith. The original can no longer be displayed due to its fragile state. Deacon Convener of the Seven Incorporated Trades Stuart Campbell thanked Jane Currie and all the members for their hard work.

dsc06044In the afternoon, the Hammermen were presented with a beautifully carved plaque by Richard Douglas and Rowen Baird at a lunch held in the Allan Park Hotel.

L – R Richard Douglas, Deacon Andy McEwan and Rowen Baird


About Seven Incorporated Trades of Stirling

The power to grant incorporated status to trades rested with the magistrates of royal burghs. An incorporated trade was granted the right to monopolise and control their trade within the burgh. Trade Incorporations were usually constituted by a seal of cause granted by the magistrates but some were constituted by use and consuetude. A strict monopoly was enforced within the burgh and non-members of an incorporation were not allowed to trade within the bounds of the town.
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