Hammermen Annual Dinner 2022

As a sign of a gradual return to some form of normality the Incorporation held its Annual Dinner courtesy of the Golden Lion Hotel in February 2022. Deacon Andy was the MC and there were two excellent speakers – Dr Murray Cook and Deacon Convenor Stuart Campbell who filled in for one of the speaker who had to drop out due to Covid. Dr Murray Cook sensibly didn’t use technology unlike Deacon Convenor Stuart who still managed his talk despite a dodgy projector. Well done to both speakers.

The night was a great success and it was good to get back together to see people in person rather than virtually.

About Seven Incorporated Trades of Stirling

The power to grant incorporated status to trades rested with the magistrates of royal burghs. An incorporated trade was granted the right to monopolise and control their trade within the burgh. Trade Incorporations were usually constituted by a seal of cause granted by the magistrates but some were constituted by use and consuetude. A strict monopoly was enforced within the burgh and non-members of an incorporation were not allowed to trade within the bounds of the town.
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