Stirling Walking of the Marches 2023

After a long delay through Covid, we are pleased to announce the Stirling Walking of the Marches will return on Saturday 27th May. The event will commence at 10.45 in the heart of the City centre, leaving the rotunda at the bottom of Kings Street. A lunch will be held after the event. For more information check out the Marches website below.

There will also be a pre Marches event at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum on Saturday 20th May. Look on Facebook.

Also on Saturday 20th there is the Perambulation of the Marches – a walk around the new March Stones in Stirling. If anyone is interested it commences at 11.00am at the rotunda in Stirling City centre.

About Seven Incorporated Trades of Stirling

The power to grant incorporated status to trades rested with the magistrates of royal burghs. An incorporated trade was granted the right to monopolise and control their trade within the burgh. Trade Incorporations were usually constituted by a seal of cause granted by the magistrates but some were constituted by use and consuetude. A strict monopoly was enforced within the burgh and non-members of an incorporation were not allowed to trade within the bounds of the town.
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