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There had been a decline of the Trades over the years and this could be partially blamed on the Reform Act of 1833 which stripped the Trades of their powers of control, with each trade in turn failing to transform well into a new identity. Recently membership has been increasing and we are looking to revive all of the incorporated trades.

The Incorporated trades are made up of the following:

  • Hammermen – the trade guild which regulated all who wielded the hammer.
  • Weavers – the trade guild who weave the cloth
  • Tailors – the trade guild who make the clothes
  • Shoemakers (Cordiners) – as the name says – cobblers
  • Fleshers –  the trade guild who work with meat – butchers
  • Skinners – the trade guild who work with skins, leathers etc also make gloves
  • Baxters – the trade guild of bakers

It is essential that the Seven Incorporated Trades of Stirling continue as part of Stirling’s history especially as the crafts have had some kind of organisation from about the 12th century and the Convener Court from about 15th – 16th century.

It is expected that each trade will be both social and charitable and  it is hoped that one of the dormant Crafts will be used as a youth organisation and another to be for the women of Stirling.

If you are interested in becoming a member or involved in some way or would like more information on the Trades click on the link below: